Phalewas is a village in Parbat District. Phalewas is divided into two VDC Khanigaun and Devisthan. Phalewas is very beautiful village in parbat district. There are many castes of people who are living in phalewas. Almost phalewashi people depend on agriculture. The main crops are wheat, paddy, millet, maize and green vegetables. Phalewas has good irrigation facilities for growing crops.
There are many kinds faculties and opportunities like electricity , telephone, drinking water , hospitals , primary school , higher secondary school , campus, etc .
Kaligandki River is flowing between Baglung District & Parbat District and behind Devisthan village. Almost tourist comes for rafting to enjoy their summer holiday vacation. Phalewas is very peaceful and beautiful for visiting tour. It has plain area where people never feel tired while visit this place. Everywhere we can see only green scenery. Everyone can enjoy their good climate & environment. Sometimes Sunrise Youth Club offers different kind of entertainment for giving cultural programs, volleyball, shot-put and dhori geet, etc.
Everyone loves to live in Phalewas, Parbat. When you will go to visit in phalewas, then you realize and acquaintance about Phalewas.