Happy Teej 2013 (2070)

Teej, one of the festival of Nepal, is yet to come in our home. Today
is 'Daar Khane Din' so you guys might be preparing to eat 'Daar'.
Anyway do not each too much 'daar' today as you may become ill
tommorrow. There is no need to say that tommorrow is a 'Teej Day' and
all we know its greatest festival of Hindu womens. Today they will eat
more and more but tommorrow they will fast for their husband's life
and families health & wealth. Similarly unmarried girls worship to
Lord Shiva so that they could meet a good and handsome boyfriend or
husband in future.

For now 'Happy Teej 2070 from Parbat District' and all the Parbatians
would enjoy the dance & various cultural festivals helding on the day
of Teej festival.